Is your staff cyber-aware?

Why does your staff need to be cyber-aware? A recent survey showed that 43% of users didn't know that clicking a link could result in a computer viurs!
Give us two minutes to explain the benefits of a cyber seucrity awareness program.

Free - Cybersecurity Awareness Program

In our commitment to keeping our clients safe for a limited time, we are offering a Cybersecurity Awareness and Training platform to any business in Ontario at NO CHARGE.

Why would we do this? It's simple really, 90% of malicious emails that reach our clients come from a trusted source who was compromised. This tends to get past many of the filers and creates the trust needed to land a successful phishing attack. So the more secure every business is, the more secure our clients become.

If we manage your Microsoft 365 account, we will automatically add your staff to the system upon provisioning their account (They must have a valid Microsoft 365 mailbox).

For customers, we do not manage Microsoft 365, or if you need to add users who do not have a company email address, you will need to manage the platform and employees can be imported from a CSV file or added one at a time.

The cybersecurity training consists of 4 courses and Security Shorts.

Included Courses

  • Cybersecurity Training (updated annually)
  • Basic Phishing Course
  • Intermediate Phishing Course
  • Advanced Phishing Course

The Cybersecurity course consists of six modules that include a video that is approximately 10 minutes in length, followed by a series of review questions. The Cybersecurity Training course is updated annually to comply with most insurance policies' requirement of having regular training. 

Each of the Phishing courses is approximately 10 minutes in length followed by a series of questions. 

The Security Shorts are weekly video refreshers emailed directly to you that take approximately 5 minutes that offer a refresher on cybersecurity topics.

The Portal

Home (All Staff)
This will list your current status of courses and your list of watched security shorts

Dashboard (Managers)
This will provide you with an overview of the same information seen in home but summarizes all users within your organization.

Reports (Managers)
These can be used to generate reports to use as evidence of compliance or to meet internal organizational needs.

Employees (Managers)
This screen displays active employees, you can also 'resend a welcome email', and send a 'reminder email' from this screen. In the top right you can add a +employee   (add a single user) or 'import users' this includes instructions on creating a CSV file to import a list of all your staff.

Training (All Staff)
From here you can access the cybersecurity and phishing courses, as well as view past security shorts.

Security Shorts (Managers)
It may be desirable to send a security short out to staff after a recent near miss, for example, if an employee recently fell scam to a 'Phony Debt Collection' scam, you may want to resend the Security Short 'Phony Debt Collection' from January of 2022 to all staff.
Not quite sure you're ready? That's okay, fill out the form below and we can send you more technical infomration on the program and setup a 1:1 demo to make sure it meets your needs and answer any questions or concerns you may have.
Example of a security short email
Example of the training Page
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